Social Awareness

We designed it non-profit to draw attention to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We are sailing to new projects with the income obtained.

The Story of Seventeen

In the making of the Slush Jobs x Seventeen Project, we aimed to design a sweatshirt that would appeal to and represent every segment. We followed a production journey that reflects the meaning of sweatshirt by using the materials and colors that are the least harmful to nature, which we produce in a sustainable way. Without exception, our first goal has always been to show the power of street style, fashion and how it can be one of our strongest assistants on the path to change.

The Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to eradicate poverty, protect our planet and ensure that all people live in peace and prosperity. These 17 Goals build on the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals; on the other hand, it includes new areas such as climate change, economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, peace and justice, among other priorities. The goals are interrelated; The key to success in any cause is to tackle problems that have common aspects together. (UNDP)

Although the Sustainable Development Goals aim to improve life for future generations, we took action when we realized that an eye from the outside world did not attract attention and did not have information about the process. We have designed a sweatshirt that attracts the attention of the younger generation and wants to be involved in change and integrate these goals into their daily lives. While explaining the goals with an inclusive agenda, we also preferred a design that shows how intertwined and harmonious the goals are. While her seventeen articles represent 17 goals, it also symbolizes one of Selin's biggest dreams, raising a more aware generation by integrating activism into our daily lives, reaching this project at the age of 17.

Our motto is that we will not leave anyone behind, as our motto is the slogan used by the United Nations when publishing these goals.

Slush Jobs – Selin Özünaldim

Selin Özünaldim

Selin, 17 years old, living in Istanbul and a high school student and working on gender equality, is the youngest representative of UNWomen's HeForShe movement in our country.

Selin is one of 300 young people selected from around the world to join the United Nations Youth Activists community, created by the United Nations to work closely with them by making their voices, needs and work heard.

She is the founder of the United Nations Foundation movement Girl Up in Turkey, which aims to provide a safe platform where girls can develop their leadership skills and defend their ideas, as well as the founder of the Girls Who Code movement in our country, which aims to teach girls the basic steps of coding and to come to the fore in the STEM field.

Focusing on Goals 4 and 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals, it works closely with UNGEI and focuses on transforming education so that it is more equitable and accessible. In addition to being the youngest Board Member (board member?) of Young BPW Maiden's Tower Turkey, Selin is the Young Leaders Task Force in Girl Rising, an organization that provides education to young girls in Kenya, Guatemala and India and uses storytelling on this path. He continues his internship as a member.

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