SlushJobs x ReCharge


In this collection, which turns to the side called by the light and colors, vibrant colors found form in different design patterns. In our adventure, where we aim to dare the new, this time we are bringing you an active, extraordinary and modern style.

The Story of the Collection

The Party Collection was introduced with a mini fashion show at the fashion themed party we held at Fırın Istanbul on November 3, 2021. This enjoyable night we spent with the performance of Recharge DJs met the need of a little breath for both us and everyone who is happy to be with us, to produce and share together.

Street style was born and developed as an indicator of both physical and mental comfort as well as a counter stance. This style, which has become popular and modernized today, has been reinterpreted by many brands and is very popular in the world. Street style moved to evenings, parties and plazas, causing fashion to be reinterpreted. Our collection also aims to reflect you and me with our limited edition production.

We Can Do New Projects Together!

We believe that such projects have a great place in our lives!
If you have projects that you want to realize, you can contact us!
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